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  • 17 Ideas for a Halloween Tiki Party

    Let’s have a Halloween tiki party! That’s what my friend Chelsea said to me via email about a month ago when I asked what kind of Halloween ideas you guys are looking for this year. (You had no idea Spooky Little Halloween was a full-service blog catering to your every Halloween whim, did you?)

  • #HalloweenHowTo: Make a Killer Bloody Mary Bar

    No cocktail is better suited for Halloween than the Bloody Mary. I mean, the name alone makes it perfect for parties…or just a night of watching your favorite slasher flicks!

    You might be familiar with the Bloody Mary legend – in a dimly lit room with a mirror, call her name three times to see your future – but, unfortunately for us Halloween lovers, the cocktail’s origins are much less sinister than this.

  • #HalloweenHowTo: Create a Halloween Party Mood Board

    Have you started planning your Halloween party this year? This is the time of year when I start getting the itch to work on DIY projects, plan menus and come up with costumes for my own annual Halloween party, Halloweenie Roast. But before I do any of that? I put together a Halloween party mood board.

    A WHAT?! you might be asking yourself. So allow me to explain…

  • 5 Reasons a Halloween Party is the BEST Way to Celebrate October 31st

    Halloweenie Roast 2016 | Tim Burton Theme: Take a behind-the-scenes look at my Tim Burton-themed Halloween party! Get ideas for decor, creative costumes, party foods, playlists and more. |

    Picture it: it’s Halloween night. This was the year you told yourself you would go all out on a costume and find an amazing party to attend – like those killer Halloween parties you see in the movies.

    Or the picture-perfect ones on Pinterest.

    Or even the ones you find on Instagram that have their own hashtag.

  • Halloween Game Idea: Halloween Music Bingo

    It’s hard to find fun Halloween party games for adults. A lot of the ideas I find on Pinterest on a regular basis are geared towards Halloween fans in the 5-10 age range. I’m sure tossing glow stick rings onto witch hats or pumpkin stems is a blast when your age is a single digit…but for this double-digit girl? I want something a little more.

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