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It’s the most wonderful day of the year! It’s Halloweenie Roast day which means I am running around like a mad woman putting the finishing touches on my annual Halloween party. Tonight, my friends will show up in killer costumes, and we’ll gather around the bonfire, drink witches brew and celebrate Halloween.

I can’t wait!

If you subscribe to my weekly email, Treats Not Tricks, you’ve already had your sneak peek at my party this year, which is a villains theme. (Totally self-serving because I’ve been dying to dress up as Maleficent for years.)

Today I’m sharing it on the blog – then keep an eye out because over the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing photos from the party to cure your Halloween blues.

Here’s your sneak peek at Halloweenie Roast 2017:

I’ll admit…it took me a lot longer than usual to get inspired with this theme, and I’m not entirely sure why because it’s a GREAT one for a Halloween party. I had a lot of ideas floating around in my head and wasn’t able to narrow them down, I guess.

But once I found this invitation idea, the ball was rolling:

I drew MAJOR inspiration from this and came up with my own:

Since I went heavy on black and purple last year with my Tim Burton theme, I wanted to steer clear of purple all together. Instead, I decided black, grey/silver and lime green would be my party colors.

Early on, I found mugshots of Disney villains in my Pinterest searches. It dovetailed perfectly with another problem I’ve been trying to solve: how to simplify costume voting.

While most of my friends know each other, some only see each other – in costume – at Halloweenie Roast every year. My BFF (and fave photographer) Amanda suggested Polaroid-style photos of everyone we could hang up somewhere, write names on and use for voting.

Genius, right? So I bought myself an Instax camera on sale this summer and have been slowing buying up film with 50-60% off coupons at Michaels. Last weekend, I made my backdrop using just butcher paper and a black marker. I also grabbed this letter board on Amazon to be my arrest placard.

I’m REALLY excited to unveil this to my friends as I welcome them to the party this year!

Because I knew this Halloween season, in particular, would be busy I decided I wanted to keep my decor pretty simple. I’ve always loved the look of recycled wine bottles topped with taper candles and flowers, so that’s the decor look I’m going for!

I have a few blackbirds to mix in, as well as two goodies I picked up Thursday on clearance at Joann as well as a printable or two I created. I also fell in love with the idea of having strings of green lights all over for back-lighting. I was pretty sure I had seen them somewhere while Halloween hunting this year, and I was right – Walmart had them!

Overall, I want things to feel creepy and dark, just like a villain’s lair.

I also fell in love with the idea of caramel apples because, after all, villains are infamous for handing out poison apples! I loved the pop of acid green against the caramel, and I gave mine a twist…but for that, you’ll have to wait for the post-party photos.

To keep my green theme going, I decided I wanted an acid green cocktail for my witches brew this year. While I liked the look of this one, the recipe didn’t excite me…so I went back to my tried and true (and always popular) margaritas.

Halloweenie Roasters will be sipping on sour apple margaritas tonight, with a garnish bar that includes green apple slices, lime wedges and jalapenos!

As for everything else I have in store? Well…you’ll just have to tune into Instagram tonight after 7 p.m. CST. I’m hoping to post some story updates and maybe even jump on Instagram live a few times to share my party with you guys. Follow along here.

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year?

I’d love to see your photos – tag me in them on social media. If not, well, we can change that.

Want to be the first to see my party photos? Be sure you’re subscribed to my email list, Treats Not Tricks. I’ll be sharing the first look at Halloweenie Roast 2017 on Friday, Nov. 3, then photos will be posted here on the blog the following week.

Happy haunting,

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Miranda | Spooky Little Halloween

Miranda is the Houston-based writer, blogger and Halloween lover behind Spooky Little Halloween, the blog celebrating October 31st all year long. She is addicted to pumpkin guts, witches’ brews, skulls and all things spooky and celebrates her favorite day of the year with her annual party, Halloweenie Roast, each October.


  1. Reply


    October 28, 2017

    OMG, it’s going to be a blast!! I love everything about the aesthetic you chose. Can’t wait to see some shots from the big night! <3

  2. Reply

    Hellen Die

    October 28, 2017

    Oh wowowowow!! What an amazi g party! I am so sorry I love so far away, it looks like it was a wicked good time! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  3. Reply

    Hellen Die

    October 28, 2017

    Oh wowowowow!! What an amazing party! I am so sorry I live so far away, it looks like it was a wicked good time! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  4. Reply

    Penny Snark (The Sconnie Sling)

    October 28, 2017

    This looks like so much fun! My costume for tonight would be quite at home at your party…hope it’s a blast :)

  5. Reply

    Natalie Lapakko

    October 30, 2017

    This is going to be totally spooky! I love the idea of combining villians and mugshots! Brilliant!

  6. Reply

    Chelsea Celaya

    February 15, 2018

    I really loved how you pulled off your theme this year! The photo booth has to be my favorite, but everything was quite perfect. (You even followed the Disney villain rule of green colors! XD Investigate if you haven’t heard of this.) I remember tuning in to Instagram when you were sharing details and I love how it was very simple yet very effective all at the same time. I especially loved your use of lights. (I feel like Halloween lights are going to be my obsession this year)



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