Halloween Shopping at Arne’s Warehouse

Get in witches, we’re going Halloween shopping!

Sorry. That line from “Mean Girls” has been stuck in my head since a friend said it a few weeks ago, and it seemed appropriate for today’s post.

Because we’re going shopping.

For Halloween.

Yes, I am well aware it is only June 1, but you guys…I am jonesing for Halloween BAD right now. I simply could not help myself anymore. I am dying to see spooky goodies lining store shelves again, and lucky for me there’s a store down the street I thought would do just the trick:

Arne’s Warehouse is a Houston institution. This party supply store has been in business for more than 60 years. I grew up going here from time to time for hard-to-find or ridiculous cheap party supplies. (If you watched my Instagram stories Tuesday as I was browsing…you know how ripped off I felt by my old stand-by store!) It is such a fun wonderland to wander, regardless of what type of event you’re shopping for.

And I just had this feeling that they might have some Halloween goodies on their shelves.

Here’s what I found while Halloween shopping:

First, you need to know how absolutely MASSIVE this store is.

Aisles upon aisles upon aisles of party supplies.

Plus it’s two stories! I didn’t find any Halloween on the first floor, so I headed upstairs to search.

It took a little wandering, but then I spotted it…my first Halloween of 2017!


EEK! The Arne’s staff was in the beginning stages of unloading their Halloween treasures for this year, but I peeked through what was already out.

I love this packaging so much!

I love these pumpkin teeth so much!

The Halloween decor might not have been fully stocked, but the Dia de los Muertos items were.

These masks! Why didn’t I look here for my Dia de los Muertos-themed Halloween party?

This necklace was easily my favorite thing I found.

Sadly, I decided not to take home any goodies – I like to scope out everything before I buy. But I’m looking forward to going back to Arne’s soon once they’re fully stocked!

Have you found Halloween in stores yet?

I know it’s early, but you just might have found something too! Let me know where in the comments…and stay tuned – once Halloween starts hitting stores, I’ll be sharing tours of everyone’s collections as quickly as I can get them up.

Happy haunting,


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Miranda | Spooky Little Halloween

Miranda is the Houston-based writer, blogger and Halloween lover behind Spooky Little Halloween, the blog celebrating October 31st all year long. She is addicted to pumpkin guts, witches’ brews, skulls and all things spooky and celebrates her favorite day of the year with her annual party, Halloweenie Roast, each October.


  1. Reply

    Raina DelRio

    June 2, 2017

    Those pumpkin teeth are AWESOME!! We used them in two of our pumpkins for 2016 Halloween and got SO many compliments.


    • Reply

      Miranda | Spooky Little Halloween

      June 2, 2017

      I love those, Raina! I will be heading back to this store in a few weeks once they’ve had a chance to put everything out, and I’m excited to grab some pumpkin teeth for my jack-o-lanterns this year.

  2. Reply

    Chelsea Celaya

    June 4, 2017

    I am SOOOOO jealous of this store! Amazing! It makes me think a lot of a store my mom would go to a lot when I was younger and we lived in the Californian central valley called “Grand Events”. To my knowledge, we don’t really have anything around my area like this. How lucky for Halloween to spring up so soon for you! I will just admire from the interspace until we get more Halloween in my area (last year, things started popping up as early as late July).

    I know what you mean about jonesing for a little more Halloween goodness. It feels like once Halloween is here, there is not enough time (or paychecks to be more specific) to get what you need for the big big day. It comes and flies by much too fast. I used to hate seeing Holidays come out in stores way too early (like Christmas filling up all the aisles before Halloween stuff has even been set up), but as I get older and do more decorating and parties, I appreciate the ability for early shopping.

    • Reply

      Miranda | Spooky Little Halloween

      June 4, 2017

      I’m excited to go back and see if the rest of the shelves are full in the next week or two. And I hear ya on there’s never enough time or paychecks for Halloween! Here’s hoping you spot some goodies near you soon.

  3. Reply


    June 12, 2017

    YAY!! Ugh, I’ve got chills jut thinking about Halloween shopping!! Love it so much. Thanks for sharing <3

    • Reply

      Miranda | Spooky Little Halloween

      June 12, 2017

      Yay! It will be here before we know it. (BTW, I went back to this store on Saturday…and Halloween was in FULL swing! Looking forward to visiting again soon for an update.)

      • Dinah

        June 12, 2017

        Oh boy! I just moved to a new apartment close to a Hobby Lobby and I plan on hitting that this weekend. Let’s see what they’ve got! :)

  4. Reply


    June 19, 2017

    Just went to Hobby Lobby today. Fall stuff has begun to migrate in. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who looks for Halloween in the summer. I’m ready for fall.

    • Reply

      Miranda | Spooky Little Halloween

      June 20, 2017

      Isn’t that exciting? Mine only has fall too, but last week they were putting out Christmas. Hoping Halloween will be out there a little earlier than the end of June, like my store did last year.

  5. Reply


    June 23, 2017

    Wish we had a store here like this!



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