5 Killer Costume Ideas for Halloween

Looking for killer costume ideas for Halloween? How about 9? Sam of Halloween Happy and Miranda of Spooky Little Halloween share their picks!

What are you going to be for Halloween? It’s the million dollar question in our world. And whether it’s two weeks or two months (or even 10!) until Halloween, you can never get started too early on a killer costume.

I whole heartedly believe costumes should be homemade. Sure, I’ve bought my share of pre-made costumes over the years, like my flapper get up the year I went to see one of my favorite bands on Halloween night. Or the year I thought it was a great idea to buy an overpriced Alice in Wonderland costume. (That year was full of bad decisions…)

But my favorite costumes over the years have always been homemade, starting with this gem:

5 Killer Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016: Looking for killer costume ideas for Halloween 2016? How about 9! Sam of Halloween Happy and Miranda of Spooky Little Halloween share their picks! | spookylittlehalloween.com

Y’all, my mom MADE that. Can you believe it? And bless her, whether I’m 2 or 32, she still agrees to make my costumes. (I’m crazy excited about my costume for this year – if you want a sneak peek, now is the time to jump on the list for my newsletter! I’ll be sharing a peek at my Halloween Roast 2016 party plans next week.)

To help get you ready for Halloween, today I’m partnering up with Halloween vlogger Sam of Halloween Happy and were both sharing out picks for killer Halloween costumes!

So head on through to my post to see my picks, then check out Sam’s video (which I’ve conveniently embedded for you at the end of my post) for HER picks. And hey – if you aren’t already following her killer channel, make that happen today. (She’s kinda my fave.)

5 killer costumes ideas for Halloween 2016 >>>

Cheap costume idea: Bank Robbers

Halloween costumes can get expensive quickly – especially if you’re like me, you dream BIG and you’re always wanting to outdo your previous costume.

But these bank robbers are just about the easiest thing ever. I’m betting you could pull at least half of it out of your closet and shop at the dollar store or a mega discount store like Ross or Marshalls for the rest!

Here’s 50 more cheap costume ideas.


Meme costume idea: Kermit Tea Sip

There are endless possibilities with this option, but dressing as Kermit Tea Sip has got to be my favorite. There are minimal extras involved, and that sign is absolutely priceless. What a great way to say all those snarky things about slutty costumes you’ve always wanted to say.

Bonus points if you go topical and tell everyone you’re “lizard tea sip” instead.


Group costume idea: Sushi Buffet

How cute are these girls in their sushi costumes?! I love that this group costume is super easy AND super unique. How many other people are going to walk into a Halloween party as sushi? Not many, I bet! And those wasabi headbands – ugh, kill me.

Plus these are ridiculously easy to make with just a few clothes, pillow cases and craft goodies. You can head over to brit.co for all the supplies you need.


Minimalist costume idea: DIY Beaded Cat Ears

Not a costume person? Sigh. I suppose I’ll forgive you for that, but these cat ears are an insanely easy way to wear a costume with really wearing a costume. Plus, you could bend these into other shapes for bear ears, dog ears, tiger ears…you get the picture.

Check out the tutorial here.


Wordplay costume idea: Witch Doctor

I love plays on words, so the “punnier” a costume the better in my world. This witch doctor is so clever and yet so simply, I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it. Plus, it’d be an easy costume to put together if you aren’t a medical professional with how easy it is to find scrubs at discount box stores.

See the full costume here.


Bonus costume idea: Cardboard Dinosaur

I couldn’t help including just one more! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super amused by those silly blow-up dinosaur costumes that pop up in funny YouTube videos all the time. There’s just something about how that move that gets me giggling like I’m 5-years-old.

So when I ran across this cardboard version on Pinterest, I immediately saved it. How fun would this be to wear at a huge public party? Everyone would want to take photos with you all night.

See more cardboard costume ideas here.

Sam’s Killer Costume Ideas

And just in case those aren’t enough or don’t tickle your Halloween fancy, Sam of Halloween Happy as 4 more ideas!

Sam is just as crazy for Halloween as me, and she is always posting great videos! Plus, you can join her #100daysofhalloween hashtag on Instagram and share your Halloween decor. (It’s my fave hashtag to browse right now.)

You can find Halloween Happy here:

Need even more ideas?

Check out last year’s Halloween costume round-up post or drop by my Halloween costume board on Pinterest.

Now then…

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Share it in the comments! And don’t forget you can get a sneak peek of my costume next week (and a first look at my Halloween party plans for 2016!) by joining my newsletter.

Happy costume planning,

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    Halloween Happy

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    Love your ideas Miranda love Kermit sipping tea!!!!!!! Ahhh I’m so excited for Halloween!!! Well The month of October really!!! September is almost here!!



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