Halloween Costume Round Up

Looking for some Halloween costume ideas? Here's a round up of eight of my favorites I've found on Pinterest this year. | spookylittlehalloween.com

It’s just three days until Halloween! And if you’re like me, you’ve had your costume planned since Nov. 1, 2014. Figuring out my costume is easy because it’s always based on my Halloweenie Roast theme. This year is the Witches’ Ball, so I have a crazy, totally decked out witch’s hat to wear with a long, black dress. Simple, but I’m in love with it.

But just in case you don’t have your costume together yet, Spooky Little Halloween is here to help! I’ve spent a lot of time pinning crazy costume ideas for kiddos, couples, groups and more this Halloween season, and today I want to share a few of my favorites with you.

Here’s 8 things I’d dress up as if I didn’t have my Halloween costume picked out:

(You’ll quickly find I really enjoy punny Halloween costumes…)

Looking for some Halloween costume ideas? Here's a round up of eight of my favorites I've found on Pinterest this year.

1. Tina Belcher | 2. Sushi | 3. Party animals | 4. Liz Lemon
5. Deviled egg | 6. Dancing emoji girls | 7. Book fairy | 8. American Horror Story

Find even more ideas on my costume Pinterest board.

This post now begs the million dollar Halloween question…

What are you going to be this Halloween?

Share yours in the comments – or even better, Tweet me a photo this weekend! I’d love to see you all dressed up…because dressing up is kind of my favorite part of this whole Halloween thing.

Happy haunting,

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Miranda | Spooky Little Halloween

Miranda is the Houston-based writer, blogger and Halloween lover behind Spooky Little Halloween, the blog celebrating October 31st all year long. She is addicted to pumpkin guts, witches’ brews, skulls and all things spooky and celebrates her favorite day of the year with her annual party, Halloweenie Roast, each October.



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